Council Fabrications & Drug Law

Cracking Down With New Laws

As tragedies of the late 60s such as the Manson family murders shocked the general public, many news organizations began to spread the fear of the LSD experience. The government complied with the campaign of fear by restricting the use of the drug to research, and then eliminating it from any acceptable use by placing it as a Schedule I drug under the FDA’s system of drug enforcement rules. By the late 1960s, manufacturing or selling LSD was punished severely.

Why Acid Dreams is Worth a Read

Whether you have ever tried LSD or never wanted to, Acid Dreams tells the fascinating stories behind the social history of the substance and its impact on the upheavals in the country, from the rock and roll revolution of the early 60s to the anti-war movement of later in the decade. The authors used Freedom of Information Requests and a great deal of research into previously classified government sources for many of the details of secret US government drug trade studies conducted by the CIA or the military. Many people will be shocked to realize the events that went on in secret under cover of “research” — from prostitutes and their clients slipped the drug secretly and then observed through one-way class by undercover agents to dosing the drinks at CIA parties.…